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An advocacy project for the communities of Kansas


Between 2021 and 2023, 5 deaths were reported as stemming from lack of medical attention by a Hutchinson Kansas human services organization. This organization along with others in the community had exhausted all available resources for these individuals. Two of these individuals, so desperate for relief, took their own lives. Unfortunately, the struggles of these individuals and the organizations which serve them are not unique in Kansas.

Currently, 29 Kansas hospitals risk closure while waiting for Medicaid expansion. Twenty-nine corresponding communities are at risk of losing hundreds of jobs and localized healthcare. The loss of these jobs will be felt in the lack of income which has supported the businesses and livelihood of their fellow citizens for decades. The lack of healthcare will contribute to higher instances of terminal diseases and mental health issues, as additional negative economic factors converge on their limited collective resources.

Each day, over 150,000 Kansans battle to live. Without access to medical treatment and timely mental health care, they are struggling just to stay alive. Regardless of endowed human rights to life, inequalities and the lack of necessary resources are diminishing the physical and economic livelihood of our fellow Kansans.

The Solution

Passed by 40 of the 50 United States, legislation for the expansion of Medicaid has not only increased care for low-income individuals but has also provided economic benefits across the nation as well. States with Medicaid expansion see fewer hospital closures and creation of additional jobs to provided expanded services. Additionally, these states are beginning to build a healthier work force.

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